How To Load Crystals And Stones

While they may not seem aesthetic, their powerful and complex energy is incredible, and I feel the dirt in their environment increases in intensity. Sometimes you will find crystals or stones that you also think the same. Or maybe you have found a stone along the way and if you take it home you want to keep it in its natural state as you found it so that you can enjoy it and “re-experience” it . The most powerful way to load your crystals is when they are still on the floor.

Quickly remove negative thoughts and energy from your crystals and charge healthier and more positively with energy from celestial bodies. As the moon is ripe with feminine energy, the golden glaze of the sun brings a more masculine mind and has to do with vitality, energy and life that brings strength. The sun is a powerful company and, as anyone who has washed away the winter problems by turning their faces to the sun knows, this star is something powerful.

This cleaning method is excellent for all stones, especially those who do not work well with water. Visualization: I have often talked about the power of visualization and using your thoughts to clean your crystals can be a super powerful way to remove any added negative energy. Hold each crystal in your hand as you meditate and imagine a bright white light around you manipulating it in your hands.

There are many people who go to sacred grounds and leave their crystals there for days, weeks or months at a time so that they can absorb the energy of the place. Be careful when using this method of cleaning and loading as the salt is abrasive and can damage stones and crystals made from softer properties. All crystals can be downloaded with the “Master Crystal”, the rock crystal.

To improve the charging energy, place your crystals under sunlight and moonlight, a cycle of 24 hours a day. And charge your crystals under a full moon, super moon or solar eclipse for maximum energy. These astrological events give you and your stones gemstone jewelry a powerful healing extravagance power. Finally, you can also clean and load your stones by sharing your own intuitive powers. Cleaning your stones with visualization and meditation methods can be a great way to strengthen your bond with your crystals.