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The city of Naples or Naples is known for having one of the best and biggest New Year’s fireworks shows in Italy. Some smaller towns make a bonfire in the main square where locals gather until the early hours. If you’re near the coast, lake, or river, you’ll hear boats and boats honking as the New Year rolls around.

New Year’s Eve in the Scandinavian region of the world offers visitors many parties, fireworks and celebrations. On December 31, the historic Teatro San Carlo offers guided tours with a short musical performance and a special welcome drink in the café. It may not surprise you that Italians welcome the New Year with spumanteor prosecco and fireworks from midnight. If you are looking for a more civilized party, you will definitely want to welcome the New Year in Florence. Rimini loves the New Year so much that the holiday is celebrated every year from December 1 to January 8, the longest New Year’s celebration in the world. Spend your holidays dancing, skating or drinking prosecco at a great outdoor concert.

Participating and enjoying the Christmas and New Year season in a country in Europe should be a great idea for any lover of world travel. If you are planning your trip to Europe on the next holiday, we recommend Italy as your destination. And after our post about Christmas greetings and words, it’s time to learn how to say Happy New Year in Italian. And just like any other holiday, they come up with their own set of related words and local traditions. New Year’s Eve is celebrated with fireworks throughout Italy and often with music and dance in the main square of a city or city. Bonfires are still lit in some cities, especially in smaller places in the south, and in some places an old man’s straw figure is thrown into the fire at midnight.

The Te Deum ritual is a Christian hymn of thanks from the past year that is still very much alive today. The belief that what we do on January 1st will be repeated throughout the year still holds true. In Abruzzo, this is not a cliché, but it should be taken literally! Plates and glassware are thrown from the balconies and out of the windows on the night of St. Silvestroor’s New Year’s Eve! Another mysterious piece of folklore said that at midnight on December 31, any girl who looked in a mirror by candlelight would see her future husband’s face.

In Spain, grapes are eaten at midnight, but in Italy lentils are eaten before New Year…. Small legumes can be cooked in many ways, but they are eaten more traditionally with cotecchino, a type of pork sausage. Lentils are considered lucky in Italy for the New Year because the small round legumes resemble coins. He eats a lot because they supposedly bring wealth in the next year. Then spend the hours until midnight with the free open-air concert in Piazza Castello, culminating in the dramatic burning of the castle, made with sophisticated fireworks and pyrotechnics.

From midnight there will be fireworks that will sound throughout Rome, for about 15 minutes. But this doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy Rome at night and walk around and see the beautiful Christmas decorations and lights. Many Romans dine at home, or at friends’ homes, and then go for a walk to soak up the atmosphere and watch the fireworks. Cenone), fireworks and a general atmosphere of party and fun.

This is because wearing red underwear should bring good luck in the new year. Go ahead and pick up a few to use while you wait until midnight. However, in order for red underwear to be truly lucky, it should only be worn in NYE.

This is because in the Middle Ages, the color red was used to ward off diseases and bad things in general. If you arrived in Rome without your red underwear, you’re in luck! While residents of Naples literally throw the old at the stroke of midnight, other Italians prefer fireworks treno rosso del bernina or a family party. Below is our guide to Italy’s extravagant New Year’s traditions. December 31 is not a public holiday in Italy, but January 1 is. This means that some attractions, shops and restaurants will be closed and transport will run on a holiday, read “limited” schedule.

Dancing is also popular, and many cities have public music and dances for the NYE fireworks. Major cities such as Rome, Naples, Turin, Milan, Bologna and Palermo offer great popular open-air shows with pop and rock bands. Customs vary by region, but some are common in most of Italy. Lentils, which symbolize money, are usually eaten on New Year’s Eve to bring good luck in the coming year. A glass of prosecco, sparkling wine or other sparkling wine is usually drunk to welcome the New Year.