Snorkeling Vs Diving

The sea at the southern tip of the island is protected and is a great place for photographers. The best dive sites are Columbia Deep, Barracuda Reef and the C-53 wreck. Few things are more exciting than tying up the oxygen tank, diving into the side of a submarine, and sinking into the deep blue depths of the ocean. It’s a total rush to swim in the eye of a school of menacing barracudas, see a manta ray coming out of a reef, or float next to a turtle even bigger than you. The best diving destinations offer those amazing ocean sensations, along with the feeling of swimming through the most diverse aquarium in the world. Divers enjoy underwater geography while floating close to the surface, while divers stay underwater longer.

Offshore, divers also enjoy pristine reefs and greater marine life, including manta rays, eagle rays and spinning dolphins frolicking in the water that often has more than 100 feet of visibility. Certainly an adventurous dive, the sardine race annually attracts pelagically loving divers to South Africa. For a few weeks, from May to July, millions of sardines swim along the coast to reach Durban, where they spawn. Along the way, many predators wait to feast on the small fish. These larger animals are dolphins, birds, sharks and whales.

The island has a number of dive shops available to rent equipment and book excursions, including Culebra Divers, Aquatic Adventures and the Culebra Snorkeling and Diving Center. Coming from the main island, Dive Puerto Rico departs from Fajardo and Pure Adventure from Ceiba for a full-day trip to Culebra. Cozumel is one of the most popular and visited diving destinations in the world, which can be attractive to inexperienced divers engaged in scuba diving in remote waters.

Recognize your feelings and fears and follow my advice to become a confident female diver.

It can be harder to find many of these creatures in the wild. Similarly, the cost of flying to their natural habitat can be impossible to manage. It is up to you to decide whether you want to support the aquarium and what it does or does not do. Well-known dive sites are Bloody Bay Wall and Jackson’s Reef. Little Cayman’s waters are thick with marine life that includes a variety of fish, crabs, lobsters, moray eels, sharks and turtles.

Once you’re there, stand at the bottom and enjoy the beautiful view until the air supply allows it. Usually there is not much space in a submarine, divers prepare at different paces and it can feel rushed and chaotic. Take your time, be the last in the water and complete your PADI Buddy Check scuba diving resorts with your friend. I have them check that there is no hair on my mask and I make sure everything is comfortable. When I first learned to dive, I tried to keep up and often went into the water nervous and unprepared. Now I go at my own pace and only step into the water when I feel ready.