Step-by-step Instructions For Conducting A Silent Auction

To set up an online event page, you need help from the auction software. Knowing how to conduct a successful silent auction is only half the battle. This means having access to items that encourage donors to bid not just once, but many times. If someone can’t attend your auction but wants to bid on items, it’s a godsend to have a list of items available online. You can register and verify at your auction, just like when participating. Instead of going up and down the auction item lines, you can scroll through items that you have already created.

Replace cumbersome paper bid sheets with a page with the item description and QR code that will take you directly to the item when you create it. From there, you can try it online or through the gifi app, add the item to your favorites or learn more about it. Alternatively, you can read all of your auction items while talking at your table, in a drinks queue, or with friends.

Mobile bidding keeps guests up to date with instant bidding text notifications – but having the right items to bid on is also the key to a successful silent auction. The popularity of your silent auction ideas items can be the difference between achieving a goal and exceeding the sales expectations of your commission. Silent auctions generate money for your non-profit organization in many ways.

You can use silent online auctions as a kind of virtual fundraiser to provide your supporters with another opportunity to participate. However, there are now a large number of technology applications to offer online and put them in the hands of guests via their smartphones. Organizers can open bids during the event week so that guests can bid and bid early. In addition, people who want to support the organization, but cannot be physically present at the event, can bid electronically from their phone.

In addition, silent auctions help non-profit organizations to gain more reputation and recognition and thus to attract more donors in the long term. If the silent auction has come to an end, and some items have not yet received bids, under no circumstances should you lower the item prices. Events Facebook events are the easiest solution for silent online auctions these days.

If you’ve ever participated in a silent auction, you know rows of auction items that are tastefully displayed on long tables. On the one hand, it is a great way to bring items in front of donors – those present at the event will be able to see all the available items at a glance. On the other hand, this type of presentation is only suitable for presenters who are physically present at your event. You should now have everything you need to plan and conduct a successful silent auction. Some silent auctions put items on a table and include a description of the item and an offer sheet.

A silent auction must contain certain legal clauses, and by bidding in your auction, each bidder must agree to these rules. Some legal clauses you might consider including a non-refundable policy, payment policies, checkout and item receiving procedures, etc. You can also include a clause stating that your organization reserves the right to add or withdraw items from the auction without notice.