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Age Of Decoding: Understanding The Difference Between Biological Age And Chronological Age

Here we discuss the principles behind biological age and why they are essential to tell the true story of our health, regardless of what our birth certificates say. With just a little attention to their chronological age, their tissues, organs and blood reflect their “phenotypic age,” better known as their biological age. Biological age is […]

3 Tips For Choosing Between Assisted Living Vs

You should also read the nursing home contract carefully and make sure you fully understand everything that is required of you and the nursing home itself. You can request a copy of the nursing home’s contracts and terms and conditions before enrolling. Nursing home websites and brochures are willing to show only the positive to […]

The Difference Between Donation And Charity

All tax situations are different, and not everyone gets a refund. The IRS allows taxpayers to amend tax returns for the last three tax inkind donation years to claim additional refunds to which they are entitled. Fees will apply if you have us submit a corrected or changed return. There are also circumstances when people […]