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The Top 10 Health And Safety Risks For Construction

Workplace safety should be the number one priority in construction work for all construction workers and workers. Trimaco understands the importance and value of protective clothing and safety materials that reduce safety risks in harmful and unsafe conditions. Despite the fact that construction companies are taking greater measures to prevent injuries and deaths in the […]

The Top Ten Risks To Construction Health And Safety

Furthermore, the rate of fatal construction injuries is higher than the national average for all industries in the same category. Most accidents can be prevented with proper training and equipment, both unfortunately lack both factors in many projects. The dangers posed by electricity have been known for a long time, but electrical safety concerns remain […]

How To Become A Builder Or Construction Manager

In some cases, project managers can make specific recommendations from experienced companies that can be beneficial for project completion. In general, a bachelor’s degree (sometimes a master’s degree) in construction management, plus several years of on-the-job training as a junior employee, is required. Due to the way they enter the field, construction managers often do […]