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Gift Basket Ideas For Lotteries And Silent Auctions

If you’re looking for ideas for silent auction items, you’ve come to the right place. Popular auction items run the gambit, ranging from relatively mundane to high-end alternatives that will spur any donor base into a bidding war. A silent auction is something like a hybrid charity auction in the sense that it often involves […]

The Ultimate List Of 100+ Ideas For Silent Auction Items

Gift baskets with items around a theme are classic silent auction items for events of all sizes. Sponsored gift certificates are great ideas for charity auction items that can cover a variety of experiences or products. For example, Silent Auction Ideas you can contact a local retailer or company to donate a gift certificate for […]

5 Great Silent Auction Ideas And Buying Tips

While these are cheaper items, offering them gives all bidders the opportunity to contribute to their goal. You can even group them together or with any of the ideas from previous free silent auction items to create a more attractive auction package. One of the most important and perhaps most complicated parts of planning a […]