The Final Guide To Change Your Name

In the shipping test you also swear that all statements you make are true. You must also include the green receipt you receive from the post office to show the court that the documents you have sent have been received by the person you have sent them to. Whether you file an electronic file in person or online, you must pay an filing fee or, if you have a low income, file a statement of inability to pay court fees. Contact your district secretary’s office for filing fees for an adult name change. When a person wants to return to an earlier name after a marriage has been dissolved . This type of name change is generally done as part of the divorce, but can also be done as a separate issue.

Although the policies of each state vary, the first step is to make a formal request for a name change to your local court. Otherwise, you may need to consult online or consult a lawyer. There are many life situations and events that can make you consider legally changing your name. Often a name change helps to start a new chapter in your life. As a Gwinnett County attorney for over twenty years, Doug Lewis can help you save time and headaches by navigating Georgia’s state rules and laws to change your name appropriately and legally. Circumstances change more often within families than most of us think.

While some may find it extreme to change their name to support a cause, name changes are not unknown for political reasons. In the past 10 years, Christopher Garnett has become, Brandi Valladolid has become and Marvin Richardson has legally changed his full name to Pro-Life. At Update My Name we can help you change your name easily and quickly after marriage so you can continue your married life. All you have to do is complete a concise questionnaire, receive the full forms and then sign and submit those forms to make them official. It is also a good idea to revisit and review all personal legal documents, such as a trust, title deed, power of attorney or your willingness to display your updated name. Although in these scenarios you will need to submit a change of the family name or a small form instead of the typical adult name change application.

A judge then signs a document called an order to approve your name change. This article and the articles linked below go through this process. The Supreme Court accepts no responsibility and accepts no responsibility for the actions of the users of these documents, including dependence on their content.

Consideration and process can be challenging, but very important to do it right. While it is important to change your name on your bank accounts, credit cards, phone bills and utilities and elsewhere, it is essential to change your name on your passport, your social security card and your driver’s license. I would like to say that I took the time to think deeply about the time, energy and change my name cost to change my name on any legal document, credit card and account. Or the inconvenience of having a male name while reading as a woman who gives everything a key, from applying to meeting my friend’s conservative parents. Instead, I decided the night before, read the instructions on the County Court website over and over and dig my filing cabinet to get a copy of my birth certificate.