Tips For Engine Maintenance

This action allows the bike to extend the life of the chain. When adjusting your motorcycle’s chain, you don’t want too much tension, as that can cause the part to break, as the rear wheel also moves up and down. On the contrary, you do not want the chain to be too loose, otherwise it will be disconnected from the sprokets. Usually, these washable filters can be dry or greased, depending on the manufacturer. Depending on the type, you can also expect different cleaning methods, while oil filters require you to smoke the filter element again after cleaning.

Coolant breaks down over time, just like engine oil, but it does so in a slower way, hence the more relaxed maintenance interval. However, it is important to ensure that this essential liquid is replaced every year or two with the specification recommended by the manufacturer. Oil filters are designed to trap all particles that settle in the engine, usually small metal particles. Oil filters must be replaced during each engine oil maintenance interval. There is no need to switch between service intervals and vice versa, oil filters should not be reused when placing new oil in the engine.

To check the condition of the air filter, open the air box and remove the filter. Checking tire pressure is crucial to ensure you’re driving safely. If the pressure is too low, you run the risk of a puncture on a tire or a blowout at high speed, and if the pressure is too high, it can affect the bike’s handling. You can usually find the recommended air pressure measurements in the tyre manufacturer’s manual.

Keep in mind that your bike generally consumes oil faster during the summer than in the winter. Oil filters should be changed regularly along with the oil. A motorcycle has multiple moving parts that are prone to wear and tear, mobile mot mechanic near me especially if they are not greased, replaced or cleaned in time. Using the seven-point checklist and keeping your bike is often the best breakdown prevention policy, and as you get to know your bike better and better.

We’ve written this post to help you understand the basic motorcycle maintenance tasks you can do on your own at home or on the go. It’s one of those things that “once you know, you know,” but please don’t start playing with your chain or other parts of your bike without knowing what you’re doing. A good practice when maintaining road bikes is to check your oil regularly. Your user manual will tell you the proper procedure to check your oil fluid level. As a new engine owner, you’re probably so excited about your shiny new engine that you don’t even think about maintenance. And that’s completely natural, but it’s a beginner’s mistake.

Having an engine maintenance checklist can help you ensure that you don’t skip any steps and that you can hit the road with complete confidence in the safety of your motorcycle. Clean the chain and keep it well oiled for better bike performance Motor chain maintenance is important for maintenance. This prevents sudden shifting and protects the chain from excessive wear. As a general rule for the maintenance of motorcycle chains, replace the chain every 30,000 km or more, again refer to the manual for the exact number. The perfect time to pump fresh blood into the veins of your bike is at the beginning of the long riding season.

Contact reputable stores for their proper size and specification, and after replacing your pads, it’s also important to inspect your rotors for unwanted wear or damage. When replacing your tire, you should install a tire that has the same specification recommended by the manufacturer. With each tire change, the rim must also be well balanced to ensure stability at speed. The tension of the chain is another element to adjust regularly. Over time, a motorcycle’s chain will stretch and to counteract this, the rear wheel can be adjusted back and forth to put more tension or relieve tension on the chain of motorcycles.