12 Tips For Podcast Guests

And we should never try to interview someone or get on someone’s show just because they have a huge audience and we want to take advantage of that. Podcasting is a lot more fun when you’re having fun and building relationships, and that’s also how you build an audience of people who want to listen to you. Have the conversations you want Podcast guest bookings to have that your audience wants you to have, and the rest will follow. Being a good podcast host doesn’t just apply to caring for your guests or the overall audio you record; it’s also about the content around your program. Provide the greatest possible value to your audience by providing voice-to-text transcriptions of your episodes.

They offer you the opportunity to promote yourself and your business for free. If you’re convinced of the idea of appearing on podcasts as a guest, it’s time to discuss how you can actually do it. You can follow this step-by-step process to make the most of every opportunity.

You need to extract information from your guest that is most important to your fans. Hosting a podcast interview is much harder than it sounds. It’s not as simple as a friendly conversation in front of a few microphones. If you don’t prepare, you may end up with a boring interview that won’t entertain your listeners and bad reviews. If the podcast host invites you to a Zoom or Skype call, check to see if they plan to post the video on their website, YouTube channel, or social media.

Additionally, if you’re already a fan of the podcast, your enthusiasm will shine to make you a more engaging person to listen to. And if you jump into podcast hosts, it will be immediately clear whether you know their podcast or not. “tell the audience how to connect with you” or something like that. The best way to deal with this is to create a simple landing page ONLY for the listeners of that show and include a special offer. For example, when Daniel Lemin and I did the podcast tour for the launch of our book Talk Triggers, we often created landing pages for podcasts we appeared in.

Create several runs on social media throughout the week or two after the podcast episode airs. PopfilterIt is more important that the podcast host has excellent audio, but you sound much more professional if you also have high-quality audio from you. There’s no mixer or complicated XLR cables to worry about. If you decide to host your own podcast and want a $600 microphone, that’s fine, but this one is perfect for someone just starting out.

You never know where these relationships will lead. I’ve traveled the world with people who have been on my show. The Postcard Academy has been voted best travel podcast in several places because of the relationships I’ve built and how people remember me.

A relaxed tone in your voice makes listeners want to go with you for the entire distance of the podcast. To make sure you’re not too relaxed, consider recording your interview standing up. Now that you know your goals, make a clear overview of the issues that are important to you.

One of the main goals of starting a podcast is to be the “go-to” boy or girl within your specific industry or niche. If you consistently have well-informed content and drive conversations with great questions from guests, start by building a foundation of trust. It is that trust that will resonate beyond the downloads and listens.