20 Modern Ideas For Apartment Decoration For Every Room Size

A light white or light gray background and some smart floor mirrors make this task much easier for you. The design ideas of your apartment do not have to be limited by the size of your apartment. However, you should be aware of the square foot you work with when deciding on things like furniture and decoration. Decorating a studio apartment with strong accent pieces such as multicolored ottomanes, lively rugs or bright draft cushions is an easy way to brighten up a small space. Using colors or curtains is another way to experiment with colors that don’t require large parts of the apartment.

The alternation of smooth green surfaces, cement floors, black metal details and fashionable furniture with the warmer presence of visible red bricks and soft textiles is an intriguing and rich solution for confined space. Make the most of the space by opting for elegant and minimalist royal hallmark singapore apartment decoration. Too many works of art can also accidentally distract you from your main goal: quiet sleep. For an artistic feeling, an unusual headboard can be duplicated as wall art. They can be as unique as you want: mixed and combined modern or traditional symmetry.

Since the current focus is on apartments with very few square meters, the idea of living rooms in these houses is to get the most out of what is offered without giving the impression of a busy or overly elegant living room. Small is of course a relative term and an apartment of only 25 or 40 square meters may seem too small for some and reasonably suitable for others. But the living rooms that are in the spotlight today largely belong to apartments with an area of no more than 50 or 60 square meters and the first option here is to maximize the available space on the wall. These beds minimize the amount of furniture in the design of your studio apartment, reduce clutter and come with closet space, storage drawers or underbed storage.

For example, when you consider a sofa, you think of possible pillows to throw away. But in the biggest picture, these accents should match those on the wall, the coffee table and the cupboard. A smart design trick for studio apartments is to keep the colors of paint light. Bright, sharp colors such as white, light gray or beige can make a small study bigger. The first two are distinguished by bright yellow light that adds a fresh accent beam. The rest of the long and narrow space is designed with light and almost airy furniture that combines whiteness with the rest of the minimalist room stylistics.

When it comes to choosing colors, stick to neutral pallets such as roasted leather, wood and woven textures while retaining more colorful accents in artwork and decorations. The carpets are also ideal for living rooms with a destination apartment located in an open space, as you can see in this apartment designed by K&H Design. The living space feels separate from the dining room, because the carpet that runs under all the furniture in the room almost acts as walls, making it more like your own room. It is undeniable that decorating small spaces seems like a daunting task, but there are so many beautiful ideas for a small living room that it should not seem like a gigantic task.

We created this comprehensive list of 50 design ideas for small studio apartments because we wanted to inspire and encourage the owners of those places to use their imagination and creativity and find unconventional solutions. Our experience leads us to believe that compact life is a global trend that will be enhanced in the feature. More and more people are choosing to live in the large megalopolis and to make the small studio and micro apartments their home. And in the future, this trend will increase the number of people and reduce the living space so that the houses are getting smaller. The empty canvas of a new apartment can be left behind and wonders “how can I decorate my modern apartment?”? Taking the first steps in a housing production project is often the most difficult part of modern apartment design.

Whether you’re hiring an interior designer or taking on the task yourself, we have the most important design and decoration tips to create the house you want, it will be very simple. Another sustainable interior brochure is the use of mirrors in small spaces. By bouncing natural light into the room, large mirrors make your space look bigger when working with low light. In this living room, Jessica Nelson Design combines the finish of the fireplace mirror with the coffee table for an elegant and uniform atmosphere. Regardless of room or size, designing your space should be fun and allow you to express yourself in innovative ways. Here we’ve put together functional yet sophisticated apartment decoration ideas from leading designers around the world to help upgrade your own apartment.