5 Reasons To Visit Miami

Between the lush gardens and the avant-garde art deco hotels, you’ll find ten blocks of fashion stores and fashion brands. It’s also where you’ll find the Lincoln Road Mall with all the major international brands you know and love. South Beach is probably the first beach that comes to mind when you think of Miami.

South Florida occasionally experiences cold fronts in January and February, but winters are generally mild. (How else would those palm trees and other tropical plants grow year-round?) A popular time to visit Florida is in the winter months, when humidity is low. Miami is a very popular destination in February, as people escape the cold climates of the East Coast, so mark your calendars accordingly. If this is your first time in the Magic City, it is recommended to spend at least three nights. This gives you time to visit the main sights at a comfortable pace. Swimmers and tourists may want to stay longer to have a few days of sunshine.

Celebrities often let loose in nightclubs such as LIV, Mynt, STORY and Bâoli. On Saturdays, Delano South Beach, Hyde Beach and Nikki Beach host DJ pool parties filled with the beautiful people of Miami. Miami is a melting pot of Armani Residences Miami culture and celebrates its diversity through food, art and entertainment. Although it’s only one city, it represents destinations around the world, a trait travelers discover the moment they enter Miami International Airport.

Strolling the art-covered streets can cheer up almost anyone, and it also makes some images great from social media (so make sure your phone’s battery is charged and has room for plenty of photos). While you’re at it, check out some of the many museums in the area. Speaking of the beautiful climate miami is known for, the beaches deserve mention. The city is located right on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean and this means that the clear water and the vast white sandy beaches are incredibly close. You will be able to see dolphins and manatees and enjoy the relaxing sound of the waves crashing on the shore. Be sure to do some research on your sunscreen options if you plan to swim.

Located between Southwest 37th Avenue, Southwest 3rd Avenue, Northwest 7th Street and Southwest 22nd Street, Little Havana is a must-see spot in Miami. This is also a great place to visit some beautiful churches if you are interested in them. The neighborhood is also full of parks and museums that deserve your attention.