5 Steps To Becoming A Pro

Competitive gaming is not the same as online gaming at home with your friends. There are many unique skills required outside the game itself, and starting out with small tournaments will help you hone these skills in a less serious context. No time feels wasted when Diego is training for 10 hours a day, or when he’s flying from country to country to compete. It’s a grind that brings him new experiences, joy and money. Following his passions and working hard brought him into this career, and as difficult as it sounds, Diego doesn’t regret it.

To get this experience you’ll have to start attending every local gaming event in your area. This will help you build confidence when playing in front of a crowd as well as getting used to the structure, rules, and competitors of the tournaments. If you’re looking for a team then starting off in a not so well-known team is fine, as it’s unlikely you’re going to jump straight into TSM or Fanatic after no professional experience.

While we keep on talking about pros earning millions, they’re not just your typical pros, they belong to the top tier. And there are only a few sharing millions of dollars as prizes. And if you can’t be one of them, it’s challenging to live financially purely on your gaming income. For example, a consistent and balanced sugar level in the bloodstream is important for the mental endurance of online gamers. Most of the available ‘gamer centric’ supplements available nowadays will give a fast boost of energy, but this boost will be followed by hard hitting sugar crash. So, you’re staying in your mom’s basement playing No Man’s Sky for the past six months and think you can become a pro-gamer.

Sandbox games don’t have to be “casual.” Dwarf Fortress has sent thousands of “hardcore gamers” running due to its incredibly complex world, displayed entirely in text. Just like a real sandbox, these games give you tools you can use to create your own fun, or even your own world. If you’re good at setting your own goals and getting pulled into your own project, these could be for you. Sports games are typically re-released each year so you can play as famous athletes.

If you enjoy playing video games, you might want to consider becoming a pro video gamer in the realm of e-sports. The growing popularity and profitability of professional video game competitions attracts players from around the world. Whether you’re looking to get into solo or team competitions, being a pro video gamer requires practice, patience, agility and determination to succeed.

Sponsorships and Twitch subscriptions both account for about 13% of professional gamer’s income. Prize money accounts for another 11% and an actual salary accounts for about 8%. This doesn’t factor in donations, which can really add up if you have a sizable following. If you win a tournament or place high, you could take home a big check. Some gamers make more than others, but you can continually grow your following to earn more money as a professional gamer.

If you’re good at micro-managing a lot of units on the screen and have a strategic mindset, you should play an RTS. If you have really good game awareness and aim, try playing an FPS. Figure out what game genre suits you and pursue that game.If you have a good understanding of sports strategy, you could play sports games professional like FIFA. Exclusive interviews of competitive gamers give insights into the life of a pro gamer.

You’ll have limited free time and you’ll still feel pressure to practice in some way during that free time. You will largely be disconnected from anything outside of competitive gaming including family, friends, hobbies and long vacations . We celebrate and respect athletes when they spend all day training, but eSports stars don’t seem to get the same credit. High level pro gamers need incredible dexterity in their fingers, insanely quick reaction times and serious mental sharpness to succeed.

Every esports game includes many variables and mechanics you need to learn and incorporate into your gameplay. By that time your mindset and skills will level up so much that advancing the gaming routine will be Video Game News a pleasure for you. The gaming peripherals market is full of options you can choose from. You can research what other pro players recommend and why. This will help you choose products that 100% work for you.