7 Benefits Of Google Workspace For Your Business

Finally on the subject of apps, don’t forget that there is nothing to stop you from using both Google Workspace and MS Office apps in conjunction with each other. For advanced users, Microsoft’s apps are far more powerful than Google’s, and you may prefer Outlook’s integrated mail, calendar, and contacts features to Gmail and Google Calendar. For Apple-only organizations, Apple’s apps offer more graphical elegance and deeper integration into Apple’s ecosystem. The Business Starter edition costs $6 per user per month, offers 100-participant video meetings , and 30GB storage space per user. The Business Standard version doubles the price to $12 per user per month, provides up to 150-participant video meetings , and expands storage to 2TB per user.

The third tier costs $25 per user per month and adds even more admin tools and abilities, with great features for managing lots of data and people via endpoint management. If you already have email hosting for your business or don’t need a dedicated Google workspace service for that, Samepage offers a suite of services designed to make everyday life easier for your employees. This app offers cloud storage, web communication and other ways to collaborate with your team and share data as needed.

Get your free guide to tailoring the right smartphone to the needs of your business and employees. Google Workspace combines all your productivity tools in one place. You can easily switch between email, calendars, documents, and chat, saving you time and effort. Through Gmail, you can access Google Meet to chat or make video calls without opening a new tab. Meet integrates with Calendar, has presentation features, and can even live stream. Google Drive is perhaps the most convenient tool on Google Workspace.

Users can also search for contacts, with results including the person’s contact details, as well as events and files in common. Google states that Cloud Search respects file-sharing permissions, meaning that users will only see results for files they have access to. You may have already heard about Zoho as a marketing tool, but the platform can do a whole lot more than just help out marketing teams.

So, in my mind the pricing is a mute point since it’s a few dollars difference either way. I feel O365 is more robust and a more professional look and feel, especially with the Office applications vs Google Docs. G Suite will be simpler to use for most people than O365 and G Suite set up will be simpler for most people. For most small businesses Google Docs will be fine because they will be drafting simple documents or using simple spreadsheets. I tend to do more with O365 than I would be able to with G Suite for the simple reason that I can do more with O365, but I could probably live with G Suite if I had to. O365 had added many new features recently which includes a free invoicing app so you don’t have to pay for quickbooks.

Google Docs, Google Sheets and Google Slides are a word processor, a spreadsheet and a presentation program respectively. The three programs originate from company acquisitions in 2006, and are today integrated into Google Drive as part of the Google Docs suite. They all serve as collaborative software that allow users to view and edit documents, spreadsheets and presentations together in real-time through a web browser or mobile device.

Changes are saved automatically, with a revision history keeping track of changes. There is also the capability to set user permission levels to designate who can view, comment or edit the document as well as permissions to download the specific document. Google Forms, meanwhile, is a tool that allows collecting information from users via a personalized survey or quiz. The information is then collected and automatically connected to a spreadsheet. Yes, we offer 14 days of Google Workspace service to new customers. Sign up for the no-cost trial in minutes and create accounts for up to 10 people on your team.

Additionally, a Data Loss Prevention feature is built-in, so administrators can prevent team members from sharing sensitive content with users outside the team. Although most Google products are free for everyone, paying users get access to some enterprise-level features, such as shared calendars, unlimited storage, advanced administrative controls, and e-data migration tools. Additionally, Google Workspace has mobile device management, which is an extremely useful feature. And lastly, it also provides custom email addresses for your domain, enhancing the professional appearance of your business email. My company uses Office 365 for non-profit , which is much better than the GSuite for non-profit in terms of what’s provided.

With Google Workspace, you get access to all of the same apps as Gmail, as well as Google Meet, Calendar, Chat, Keep Sites, Forms and Current. Google Workspace also comes with a far more expansive feature set, with smart search capabilities, in-depth security controls and more. When you choose Google Workspace over Microsoft 365 or Apple’s apps, you’re making a major decision to rely on data and apps that live almost entirely in the cloud, accessible only in a browser or a mobile device. Google doesn’t supply desktop apps like the desktop versions of Microsoft Word or Excel or Apple’s Pages and Numbers.