8 Reasons Video Marketing Is Essential For Business Growth In 2022

But there are even more benefits to be gained with this online marketing strategy. For starters, video marketing serves to increase your online visibility. By appearing more in search engines and providing content that appeals to your audience, it also serves to strengthen brand awareness and gain a foothold in a competitive market. Through strong brand awareness, greater engagement with your audience, and higher rankings on the website, you’ll drive more traffic to your website and convert more leads to new customers. Add a product video to your landing page and you can increase conversions by almost 80%.

98% of users say they watched an explanatory video to learn more about a product or service. That’s why 45% of companies that use video marketing said they have an explainer video on their homepage. Of those companies, 83% said their explainer video on the homepage was effective. And when viewers share your videos, you get free advertising for your brand, services, and products.

Online video is a very popular marketing tool that can be implemented in a variety of ways. From using social proof and educating customers to communicating your company’s story to building a stronger customer relationship, video is key. With 2022 just around the corner, video marketing will continue to be of great importance to businesses, and healthcare is no exception. In a growing and competitive market, healthcare video marketing blaster review companies must do everything they can to stay ahead of the curve. By embracing online video in your marketing channels, you can give your healthcare business a huge boost and see growth well into the new year and beyond. Whether you want to create a video ad and post it on social media, a product demo or explainer video, or even a short video on social media, Promo.com have the tools to make that happen.

As mentioned above, today’s consumers have an extremely short attention span, so more traditional marketing strategies aren’t as successful as they used to be. You’re less likely to increase your online presence if you’re still relying on billboards or brochures. However, the good news for brands is that they can now use video to grab a customer’s attention. Video is a brilliant form of digital marketing because it’s more conversational and it’s also a quick and easy way for businesses to share their content. Just look at the videos uploaded to YouTube; Video content related to people and blogs generates an average of 8,332 views.

Video marketing is a powerful marketing solution to this problem. With the help of short and creative videos, companies can communicate their messages about the products they sell in a convenient, comfortable and attractive way for the consumer. There is quite a bit of data showing that video marketing is one of the best and most efficient tools to reach existing and potential customers.

More people engage with you when you promote your product and service while you’re in front of the camera, and you become vulnerable to the judgment of others. The audience sees a real you, an imperfect human being like them. It can be called a paradox of nature, that the more inclined we are to use technology and machines, the more we are looking for human connection than ever before.

So, it’s a good idea to quickly get into your content and make it clear what your video is about in the first 8-10 seconds.

Your video marketing strategy will ultimately be what you lead: your budget, your deadlines, your production processes, your conversion statistics, and more. So, writing and finishing this should be the first step in creating your video. One of the main benefits of video marketing is the power to build strong relationships and trust between you and your customers. Trust is the foundation of business growth, conversions, and sales, and every business’s goal should be to build strong, long-term relationships that result in repeat customers. Much better than text, video triggers emotions and lays the foundation for your sales process.