How To Easily Create A Gopay Account And Pay For Goods Faster

Currently, the GO-PAY the GO-BILLS feature allows users to pay various bills, including electricity, social security, cable TV and Internet, water and gas, among others. Shakti says that GOJEK has not yet fully disclosed GO-PAY to its driver partners, as the company has done for the users of the service. However, a change in behavior is already observed among drivers.

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Users can add money to GoPay by connecting their bank account or depositing cash with taxi drivers. It has been GoPay’s mission since day one, so today’s integration with Jago is a real game changer for us. It marks a new phase in our efforts to make digital financial services accessible to more people as we provide convenient access to banking for millions of people across the country and help them get their financial planning journeys started. We will continue to work with Jago and other financial institutions and leverage our respective strengths to provide a truly unique and frictionless financial management experience for consumers at all levels of society.” The integration complements a feature introduced earlier this year that allows Jago users to connect their Jago wallets to the Gojek app and pay cashless for Gojek services such as transportation, groceries, bill payments and more. Together, this means that GoPay Jago users can now enjoy a completely seamless experience in payment and financial management.

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We do not sell your personal data to third parties and do not allow third parties to use it for their marketing purposes. GOPAY uses external intermediaries to manage payment processing. These intermediaries are only links in the distribution chain and may not store, store or use the information provided, except for payment processing purposes. Collect statistics and perform analysis on your use of our products in order to provide a better service and create new features and functions for current and future users. This Policy also applies to those who provide information to GOPAY in connection with an application to use our Services or whose information GOPAY otherwise receives in connection with its Services. All subjects of this Policy are referred to as “Users” for the purposes of this Policy.

Our vision is to provide everyday users and traders with a unique combination of financial services and fun. Go-Pay’s biggest rival, Ovo, is backed by Singapore-based technology company Grab and is one of the biggest players in the Indonesian digital payments market. State-owned companies have also recently collaborated to launch the LinkAja mobile payment service. With the regular account, you can only have up to 1 million IDR (US$66). After this update, you can use the peer-to-peer transfer feature, which allows you to send and request money from other go-pay users. Even without GOJEK pushing GO-PAY for drivers, many have already started using the service beyond receiving and paying for services in the GOJEK app.

For example, we may use third-party data centers to host our web properties or store uploaded documents in our application. We have appropriate contractual and technical protection measures in place to restrict the use and disclosure of your personal data by these service providers. Goto Financial’s consumer services include GoPay, GoPayLater and other financial services. We also serve businesses of all sizes through the leading payment gateway Midtrans, the largest cloud POS network in Indonesia, Moka and GoKasir. We also have GoBiz, GoBiz Plus, GoStore and Selly all-in-one trading solutions available in Indonesia and Southeast Asia.

Once their accounts are opened, GoPay Jago users don’t have to pay any top-up fees when transferring money between GoPay and Jago, which gives them more benefits and convenience in managing their finances. On both platforms, you can pay for travel, food and other services requested through the application from the balance of your wallet. And more and more offline merchants are also accepting this payment method. The transfer is made simply by scanning a QR code. Many of them are financially marginalized and illiterate in financial and management services. For them, using GO-PAY would not give them any special value.

Gojek’s payment team covers both customer payments (e-money and GoPay wallet) and merchant payments. GoPay is Southeast Asia’s fastest growing consumer payment and financial services app, serving tens of millions of registered users through a variety of payment channels and offering the most convenient payment methods in Southeast Asia. Midtrans is one of the largest payment gateways in Indonesia. Spots is the largest offline payment network in Indonesia. We have helped to simplify payments for more than 750,000 business partners, more than 1,000,000 driver partners and millions of customers, from the cyclists on their street to their favorite stalls in Gorengan and Martabak.