How to Present Yourself As a Professional Event Photographer

While most photographers are good at capturing moments, they can make an event look a little unflattering if their photographs lack a personal touch. It’s a good idea to meet with a prospective event photographer before the big day to discuss the event’s style and location. Ask the photographer what kinds of lighting the location will have, and what kind of lenses they’ll use. This information will help you decide which equipment is best for your needs.

Make sure that you represent yourself as a business entity, not just an individual. Showing passion and attention to quality will bring you more clients. Even though the photos won’t feature you directly, they can still serve as a great way to promote future events. Make sure you have a website and social media accounts to showcase your photographs, as these will serve as points of contact for future gigs. Here are some tips on how to present yourself as a professional event photographer:

Consider your style. While event photography usually doesn’t give you artistic license, you should always remember that corporate clients usually have a theme, specific moments, and a specific photo style. In some cases, your clients may even have a style guide that you can follow! Research your prospective event photographer’s previous work and ask for samples of their events to ensure they can meet your expectations. You’ll be glad you did. You’ll have a great portfolio of photos to display in the future.

Keep your eye out for details. People are more likely to smile when they see a photographer with a camera. Be sure to keep your camera in a visible location, and try different angles and focal lengths for each photo. As much as possible, get shots of the guests interacting with one another and the environment. Also, be sure to keep a stack of business cards on your person. Give one to each event organizer. You never know when a client may need to use them! If you are genuinely interested to learn more about event photographers DC, check out this awesome resource.

The most important thing to consider when choosing an event photographer is the type of camera you plan to use. Make sure your camera is capable of handling low-light conditions. Most events are indoors or nighttime, and if you are unsure about how the lighting will turn out, use a camera with excellent ISO management. If you are not comfortable with a flash, a photographer should consider hiring one. These professionals use the latest camera technologies and know how to best utilize them.

Another important aspect of event photography is the camera settings. The best settings for shooting an event will depend on the type of event. Some indoor events have low lighting, while others are well-lit. However, the best settings for the latter will apply for all events. For instance, high ISO is better for shooting indoors, while low ISO settings work well for outdoor events. A high shutter speed will prevent the photo from being too blurry and allow you to capture details. Also, a high shutter speed will make the photos appear bright and detailed.

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