How To Take Care Of The Wooden Floors

There are several to do and not to do when taking care of a wooden floor. Use this handy list of tips to better care for retail wooden floors. If your tile floors need to be cleaned more extensively, it is recommended to use a solution of warm water and white vinegar.

Rinse well with water when cleaning with detergent to prevent detergent residues; dry after removing the leak. DO NOT wet the mop with a wooden floor as it may overshadow the finish or even damage the wood over time. Over time, glaze and dirt accumulate on a waxed floor.

You can add a tablespoon or two baby shampoo in the water, but it is not recommended unless the floor is extremely dirty. Roll up the mop well before use and be careful not to get on the wet floor. If the result is not good enough, pour about a quarter cup of white vinegar into a standard spray bottle, fill it up Home Improvement with water and spray over a small area. Clean the place immediately with a damp cloth and dry the surface . Every season brings new problems to your hardwood floors. Winter comes with snow, ice and salt, spring brings rain and dirt, summer adds chlorine and salt water, and autumn brings more dirt and leaves.

Know the finish of your floors so you can choose the right cleaner. Taking care of your wooden floor is important because it is a great investment. When you add value to your home with upgrades, you want to make sure that those upgrades can stand the test of time.

When cleaning wooden floors, avoid bleach, ammonia, abrasives and any product that may leave a residue and / or damage the sensitive surface. If your floor surface is sealed with polyurethane, urethane or a polyacrylic coating, it should be waterproof and stain resistant and easy to clean. However, finishes of paint, varnish or varnish are not as durable, so more caution is advised when handling them. The wooden floor cleaner you have chosen based on the type of finish your floor has to be diluted in distilled water as specified in the instructions. Clean the floor with a slightly muted mop that makes smooth, slow movements. Immerse a cloth in mineral liqueurs and exfoliate the persistent spots to remove them.