Mommy Makeover – What You Need to Know Before Getting a Mommy Makeover

mommy makeover surgery

In order to be eligible for mommy makeover surgery, you must have fully healed from childbirth. Recovery takes up to six months. A plastic surgeon will not perform surgery on a smoker, because smoking has negative effects on circulation and delays healing time. Surgical risks are also increased. The cost of mommy makeover surgery will vary depending on your surgeon and the type of procedure you want. Listed below are the factors you need to know before getting surgery.

Symptoms of a mommy makeover

Symptoms after Mommy Makeover surgery vary widely. While many women experience swelling and bruising, others experience soreness and dizziness. These symptoms are a natural reaction to anesthesia and will subside after a few hours. Patients should plan on resting for a few days after the procedure and arranging for child care and assistance with household chores. Although there is no specific set timeframe for recovery, many women experience some degree of soreness after the procedure.

After a Mommy Makeover, you will need a significant amount of time for recovery. You should get a babysitter or have a friend stay with your children during this time. You will not be able to drive or lift anything above your head for several weeks following the procedure. During this time, your caretaker will provide you with the necessary support so that you can rest. After surgery, you should follow your doctor’s instructions regarding your medication and lifestyle, as well as any prescriptions you may be taking.

Preparation for surgery

Before undergoing mommy makeover surgery, you should prepare. You should stop breastfeeding at least three months before the procedure. Besides ensuring good health, you should also quit smoking and avoid direct sunlight for two weeks. If you are currently taking blood-thinning drugs, you should stop. Additionally, you should not consume vitamin E or herbal supplements. Make sure to tell your surgeon about your lifestyle and dietary habits. Before the surgery, you should shave your pubic area and refrain from drinking alcohol and smoking.

After surgery, you should get adequate rest, and arrange help around the house. You should not drive yourself home the day of the procedure. You should also arrange for someone to drive you home after the procedure. You should also make sure you have someone to watch your children for the first few days. This will reduce stress. You should also bring a friend or family member to help with household chores and take care of your children while you are in recovery.  Learn more about the Best plastic surgeon NYC here. 


The full recovery from mommy makeover surgery may take anywhere from six to eight weeks. Most patients resume normal activities a week or two after surgery. Within a week, you may resume work duties, although you should avoid lifting heavy objects or strenuous activity for three to eight weeks. Recovery from mommy makeover surgery depends on many factors, and each person’s recovery will vary. The surgeon at Renaissance Plastic Surgery offers one-on-one consultations.

Once you’re ready for recovery from mommy makeover surgery, you’ll be discharged from the hospital with bandages. In addition, your surgeon may have placed drains, which will be removed after about one week. You’ll be encouraged to start exercising once Dr. Mohan has cleared you to do so. While you’re recovering, it’s also important to eat a healthy diet and drink at least half your body weight in ounces.


Mommy makeover procedures can be expensive, and the costs vary widely depending on your location. For example, a mommy makeover in New York City can cost $19,000, while the same procedure in Northern Mexico can cost less than $15,000. If you’re from the United States, however, you may be able to find lower-cost procedures if you’re willing to travel. But what about if you don’t have health insurance?

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