Oktoberfest Munich Things You Need To Know

On weekends and public holidays, half of the seats cannot be reserved until 15:00. Outdoor seating is also available in the beer garden, but often reaches capacity during peak hours. At the end of the night and the next day we were both planning our next trip! I would highly recommend going at least once in your life. Whether it’s drinking beer or just enjoying the festival grounds, it’s a must.

If you go around 11am on a weekday, many of the shops will look like the ones below. That photo was taken on one of the busiest Fridays of the festival, but at 11:00 a.m., when the crowds aren’t that big. If you avoid weekends, you’ll hotel oktoberfest get in just fine. If you choose to go on the weekend, you’ll struggle to get in without a reservation. The best strategy is to enter a tent and look for unreserved tables. If you find one and there’s space available, just sit down.

The opening day of the festival is marked by a colorful parade of carriages, floats and people in a variety of costumes swinging through the streets of Munich. The Costume and Rifle Procession takes place on the first Sunday of Oktoberfest; A week later is the open-air concert of the Big Band. Both outside and inside, waiters are assigned tables and only your person can take your order. Otherwise, head to the self-service counter for beer or food. You can bring your own food to the beer gärten outside, but not inside.

Every year a memorial ceremony is held at the monument site. For a year, I sent myself a postcard to see who would come home first. (I won.) You’ll find the Oktoberfest post office at the main entrance, in the big yellow building. This monk has been on the coat of arms of Munich since the 1200s and has evolved over time. What was once a monk was eventually represented by a little boy, then a gender-neutral boy, and then a girl. Keep your eyes open and you’ll see this black and yellow icon during Oktoberfest.

Because the hotel is on the fancier side, you’ll pay a lot more, but you can load up on a wonderful breakfast before spending the day drinking mugs of beer. Oktoberfest has become not only the largest beer festival in the world, but also the largest festival in the world. The beer served at Oktoberfest is brewed especially for the festival. They include events such as agricultural shows, parades and carousels.