Outdoor Activities In Egypt

All of these make the list of the best things to do in Egypt. Go back in time as you explore the museum’s collection with over 160,000 amazing old objects, including gold and jewelry buried at King Tutankhamun plus many other pharaonic antiquities. Best of all, you will visit with massage in Hurghada a certified Egyptologist guide. Explore the great history of Egypt and Jordan on an incredible journey to the Middle East. From Cairo you will visit pyramids, monuments, Nile cruises and museums. Then go to Jordan and Jerusalem to see where Jesus Christ was crucified and buried.

During my trip in Egypt, my first hotel told me to book bigger tips for guides, cabin crew, drivers and hotel staff. But save the slightest change for bathroom visitors, photo shooters, etc. If you are interested in taking a Nile cruise from your wishlist while in Egypt, it is best to plan it before booking the rest of your travels.

To enter the pyramids, descend through narrow, steep tunnels and then explore the old rooms within the pyramids. In some ways it is much more exciting than visiting the Giza Pyramids. I also made some Egyptian friends from my docking days to get addicted to land trips, especially Alexandria, when they were home when I paid my visit. If you’re looking for unconventional experiences, visiting the isolated and undiscovered Djoser pyramid in Saqqara will certainly be one of the best things to do in Egypt for you and your friends who love everything mysterious. It’s a great place to visit for those who are always fascinated by the pyramids and want to see the crowd and chaos less.

Request a reception or find a note in the lobby for more information on where the meeting will take place. If you can’t arrange a flight that arrives on time, you may want to arrive the day before. Get an ancient history lesson on the site when you visit some of the world’s leading historical sites: the pyramids, the sphinx and the valley of the kings, with an expert local guide. It’s time to travel to Abu Simbel from Cairo, so here’s the best opportunity to book a day trip …

This is a beauty that can only be experienced really personally. You should make sure to plan at least one day to see the attraction and try to book a tour if possible for more information on the history of the pyramids. You can also enjoy an adventurous horseback ride that rides through the surrounding desert and evokes some beautiful memories, while observing the indispensable sandstone statue of the sphinx … Explore the beauty of the Nile River, experience beautiful days in Cairo, the famous capital of the country; Visit the Giza Pyramids, the Egyptian Museum and ancient Cairo. Today you will go to a private minivan and discover some of the wonders of old Thebes.

Travel, from 12:00 PM to week, is easy to arrange with local operators or as part of “adventure vacation” packages from home. With some free time this morning, you can go down and take a motor boat to the nobles’ grave or save snacks for your night on the Nile. Climb your felucca trip included just before lunch and spend the afternoon on the river, watch Egyptian daily life unfold on the banks and then spend a night under the stars. The Nubia navigation team offers all delicious and abundant meals.

Egypt is now one of the best fishing destinations you can visit in the world. An excellent holiday in Egypt should include some fishing trips for more excitement. Egyptian mummification was a funerary process in which the organs of the dead and the body wrapped in strips of linen fabric were removed. In the Mummification Museum in Luxor City, visitors can see mummies of humans and animals, tools used for the mummification process of the dead, and even some of the items usually buried with the dead. In the center of Luxor, this temple, with its colossal statues, high stone walls and thick columns, offers an impressive view for visitors.

Saharina wants to guide all adventure seekers in discovering, learning and experiencing the entire virgin country of Egypt, the beauty of nature, the well-preserved history and the broad admiration of people and culture. Complete with action-packed adventures along the way, Saharina really puts the word fun at the base of life. Every journey, every excursion, every activity has been carefully personalized for each individual to help them escape from the life of the city and all its contamination with the therapeutic and harmonious nature. Have you ever tried an Egyptian safari with an Egyptian oasis tour at special prices?? If so, check out our packages for a desert safari experience now! If you feel the need to take a break from the hustle and bustle of busy cities, you’re on the right page and in the right place.

About 2000 years ago, an earthquake broke one of the images and damaged it. When the dew forms in the cracks and dries in the burning morning sun, the statue emits a strange and melodious sound, making the first visitors from Greece and Rome call the statue “Memnon” in honor of a legendary hero from the Trojan War. Cairo Tower is located in the Zamalek district, where it stretches for an impressive 187 meters. This beautiful granite tower was built to resemble a lotus plant, the same plant that the ancient Egyptians made papyrus, and because of the pattern on its round face, it has been nicknamed “Pineapple of Nasser”.

Misunderstandings can be dangerous underwater, so you need an instructor who speaks your language well. Many tourists visit Egypt for diving or diving in the Red Sea, whose coral reefs damage the Caribbean and the South Pacific. In addition to all kinds of other water sports and some beautiful golf courses, Egypt offers horse riding and camels, hiking, jeep safaris and hot air balloons, but for Egyptians football is the only sport that counts, a national obsession. We have over 10 years of experience in holiday planning and our staff are the most professional operators, guides and drivers who spend all their time and effort creating the perfect holiday.