Pack A Kitchen When You Move

All glass spice pots must be packed with wrapping paper and then safely stored in a small box. Check the dates on the items and discard the items that have expired or the items you no longer need. Consider donating non-perishable foods that you do not intend to keep.

Place a few layers of paper or a plastic layer of bubbles on top and then add another plate. If you keep your cutlery in one of those drawer dividers, you can wrap everything in a plastic wrap or bubble wrap for easy packaging. Otherwise, you can put all your forks and spoons in sealed plastic bags. If you don’t have a butcher knife pod, try putting it in an empty paper towel core and then wrap it tightly in tape and wrapping paper. Remove loose parts, such as a microwave turntable or kitchen machine accessories, and wrap them separately on wrapping paper.

You can also consider buying mobile boxes specially designed for glasses, plates and glasses. Your moving company may have them for sale, but make sure you have much more packaging paper or bubble wrap than you think you need. The best way to prepare for packing and moving a kitchen is to hire a professional moving company Long Distance Movers – Safe Relocation to help you with the process. You can hire professional packers to help you organize the packaging process until the day of the move. Work with a reliable team of professional motorcycles to ensure your kitchen items arrive safely at your destination. Pack the plates by placing a plate on a sheet of wrapping paper.

Cook recommends placing plates vertically in boxes instead of stacking them horizontally. “If you put the dishes horizontally in the box, chances are that if the box falls or even pushes, it can cause a chain reaction and all dishes can break,” he says. Use large boxes to stack your pots and pans and place smaller items in the larger ones where possible to save space. You do not need bubble wrap or wrapping paper for your pots and pans unless one of the glass caps is.

Just like glasses and glasses, dishes are also likely to break easily during movement. If you’re wondering how to pack dishes with minimal damage, you can find boxes of prefabricated cells for your dishes, just like for glasses. Look for “dishwasher” or “wash packages” kits when you buy packaging materials.

Ideally, you want corrugated boxes with plate or glass distributors for these delicate items. Otherwise, go for small to medium boxes and wrap each item separately. Just choose packaging paper instead of a newspaper so you don’t get ink on your plates. Better yet, you can use that bunch of tea towels to separate dishes or glasses. Pots and pans are not difficult to pack, but require a lot of filling to prevent scratches and bumps.

This is especially true for porcelain, stoneware and porcelain items. It may seem like a little detail, but you want it with white glassware wrapping paper. Any other color or newsprint can easily rub and transfer color to your dishes.