Ring a Dingdong by Winning a Diamond Ring!

The fair-sex is always attracted by fashionable ornaments game dingdong online and this is the secret formula followed by online Bingo sites of U.K. which are already attracting the British women folk in thousands to play online Bingo games, to announce prizes.

Otherwise why should Spectra Bingo announce “£10,000 Diamond Rings Treasure” as their promotion to woo their lady Bingo patrons? This promotional offer has won popular votes among the Bingo players, if the pouring number of visitors for registering to this competition is any indication.

It is not uncommon for online sites to announce promotional incentives to viewers to catch their attention and sustain their playing time with the site. More so with the stiff competition prevailing among the U.K. online Bingo sites, which are very popular apart from the United Kingdom in overseas countries as far as the U.S.A. A number of examples can be shown by U.K. Bingo online sites extending their 90 Ball game attractions to Bingo players offshore. For those facing offers for playing only the monotonous 75 ball U.S. Bingo, the varieties of 90 balls Bingo of U.K. are a welcome change.

Besides, the promotional offers like No-deposit welcome bonuses, equivalent or surpassing percentage of bonus monies against first deposits made by players for Bingo games playing, followed by bonuses on subsequent deposits, incentive bonuses for introduction of friends and loyalty bonus Bingo playing points etc. offered in large volumes by the U.K. online Bingo sites are attracting all Bingo players of other countries to come like bees to honey.

So in line with this trend the announcement by Spectra Bingo of U.K. is very much attractive to the moms, aunts, grandmas and young ladies wherever they are to lay their hands on this fabulous prize of Diamond Rings worth £10,000 which is going to be won at the end of 16 weeks Bingo playing. Every week there is one Ring worth £500 to be won by a player – 15 such rings will be presented totally with the crowning prize of one Diamond Ring worth £2,500 coming as the 16th prize – a one carrot Diamond Ring sparkling all the way. But the losers have also no reason to lose heart – all of them are in for a consolation prize of free Amazon.co.uk gift certificate of £5 value.

News is already there are three lucky winners – don’t be surprised – all of them ladies, giggling brightly on winning a ring. What the promoters of Spectra Bingo have to say? Well they are also ringing and ringing the charm bell with delight that the player activity is swelling ever since they announced this promotional Diamond Ring offer.






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