Strong double-sided tape for many different surfaces and areas of use.

Double-sided tape or mounting tape is used to mount the same two different surfaces. The advantage of using a double-adhesive tape, in contrast to mechanical dressings, is that you avoid, for example, damage to the substrate. For example, hole punching.

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There are many parameters to consider when choosing the right double-sided tape for the purpose. In essence, the following questions should be answered:

1. What types of surfaces should be joined? Is it simple material such as aluminum or glass? Or more difficult surfaces such as PP plastic or painted surfaces?

2. Should the product sit inside or outside? Temperature range?

3. Are the surfaces smooth or slightly uneven? In the case of slightly uneven or rough surfaces, slightly thicker tape is required to take up the unevenness.

In order for the tape to adhere well to the surface, it is required that the surface energy of the tape is lower than the surface to be joined. Different materials and surfaces have different surface energies. This affects the tape’s ability to adhere well. Some tapes also require a certain so-called setting time to achieve maximum strength. This setting time is a bit different but it is usually said that most tapes have 70-80% strength after one hour and maximum strength after 72 hours. This depends on the pressure the joint is exposed to and the temperature.

For those who want a strong double-sided tape, there are acrylic foam tapes. Acrylic foam tape is a product that has a core usually of very high density. This means that the internal strength of the tape is significantly much higher than traditional mounting tapes such as foam tape. This type of tape is available in different colors with different properties depending on the substrate the surfaces have.Link to acrylic foam tape as above:






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