The 10 Most Expensive Photos Ever Sold

Wall, seen here at a news conference for a major exhibition of his work, made history at Christie’s New York in 2012 when Dead Troops Talk became the most expensive Canadian photo ever sold at auction. CBC News reported that the photo was part of the David Pincus estate, which sold a Rothko painting at the same auction for $ 86.8 million (£ 67.3 million), earning a new record the billion dollar poem price for modernist art. Andreas Gursky is the most successful photographer in the world when it comes to auction prices. This photo, taken in 2001, was no exception to the rule and sold in 2007 for $ 3.3 million (£ 2.6 million) in Sotheby’s London. The image of his hands from 1919 follows Alfred Stieglitz’s beloved pictorial style and is just one of the painter’s 300 photos.

A photo from this series by surrealist artist Man Ray is one of the most famous of all time. According to Elodie Morel, director of photography for Christie’s in Paris, the 1926 artwork broke numerous records at auction in 2017 when it shot past Christie’s estimates and sold for $ 2.7 million ($ 3 million / £ 2.3 million). It would be an understatement to say that it is not realistic to sell your work for such amounts directly at the photography school, but it is fun to dream. Here are the most expensive photos ever sold, and why they had such high rates. Art photography can be a strange and volatile market that can change very quickly.

From the early 20th century photography of the postmodern pieces by Alfred Stieglitz and Cindy Sherman to a unique historical photographic artifact, here are the 15 most expensive photos in history. Forever Rose is not actually one of the most expensive photos at auctions as it was only sold for $ 1 million. It deserves distinction because it is crypto art and you don’t see too many virtual photos at the top of the most expensive list.

For example, you see a banana stuck to a wall that sells for $ 120,000 and then eats as an artistic expression, or the examples below of photos not even taken by the “artist” who took millions of dollars home for them. Although in the past a painting had to be excellent to generate admiration, today only the idea of showing a mirror in a museum can be considered an art form… While we’ll take a look at the list of the 10 most expensive photos in photography history below, this article is also about art photography and how it differs from stock photography. To understand artistic photography, we must start from the idea that although photography is an art form, not all photos are works of art. German photographer Andreas Gursky is known for his large format architecture and landscape photos, often taken from above.

While there is some controversy over the sale of this photo and its anonymous nature, it is still widely recognized as the most expensive photo in the world. We know him as the Prime Minister of Russia, then his President and then his Prime Minister, but here we are a bit surprised to see him as the author of the eighth most expensive photo in the world. They are of course Dmitry Medvedev and his 2009 image entitled Tobolsk Kremlin, an aerial view of the only Kremlin stone in Siberia. It sold for $ 1,750,000 in 2010 at a Christmas charity auction that exhibited works by well-known Russians. The photo in question is a black and white version and he approves Dmitry Medvedev as a photo lover with a good eye. The annual fundraising auction in St. Petersburg generally sells paintings of politicians and celebrities, with a special requirement that each of the works of art be made in relation to a letter of the Russian alphabet.

I only produce 1 artist test per print and I have very limited editions of only 50 for most of my work. Many have wondered how Lik has managed to secure the unprecedented amount. The Washington Post attributed the award to the Australian photographer for sale.

Transform your space with Aaron Reed’s luxury art photography print, The Window, from his Panoramic Wall Art collection. Fine Art Limited Edition of 100 Transform your space with Aaron Reed’s limited edition photography print, Diamonds In The Sky, from his Icelandic nature photography collection. However, photography is still an art and depending on the prices of some photos it can even be a very expensive vessel. Here is a list of the most expensive photos ever sold in the world that have made millions of dollars at various auctions over the years. On December 9, 2014, art photography Peter Lik is said to have broken all existing records by selling his black and white ghost image .

Of the seven most successful photos sold since 2019, five were sold at auction by Christie’s, one by Sotheby’s and the most expensive….anonymous? In December 2014, “Phantom”, a monochrome version of a previously released photographic print entitled “Ghost” by photographer Peter Lik, was put in the spotlight claiming to be the most expensive photo of all time. This anonymous art sale was for $ 6.5 million, breaking Andreas Gursky’s previous Rhein II record after being sold for $ 4,338,500 through Christie’s auction house in November 2011. Century, photography is respected as an art form similar to that of painting or sculpting.