The 21 Best Places To Visit In Singapore

Another beautiful attraction here is the jijawi watchtower and the circular walkway which offers people great views of this whole area. Do not forget to visit the Fu Shan Ting Da Bo Gong Temple, which houses ancient statues of local gods. Among Singapore’s many tourist attractions, it was the Botanical Garden that earned Singapore its first UNESCO World Heritage nomination. The gardens preserve pieces of Singapore’s wild heritage and present them to the world in the most enticing ways that make people want to stay forever.

The park has four spectacular hiking trails, including a cat hunting trail, as well as the popular Leopard Trail. If you bring your luck with you, you can also see Malaysian tapir and Malaysian Tiger. The Sultan Mosque or locally known as the Sultan Mosque is located on Muscat Street in the Rochor area of Singapore. It is the main focal point of Singapore’s Muslim community, with many cultural, religious and artistic activities taking place here.

In short, the island is a tourist machine, tuned to attract a wide range of people, except for those who are looking for an off-track Holiday. Pongol Waterway Park is a family-friendly and child-friendly tourist destination in Singapore. This park consists of four thematic areas that allow people to spend free time around the promenade. The themes offered by this park are nature Cove, which allows visitors to relax and watch the panoramic view of the waterway. Pulau Obin is a beautiful island located northeast of mainland Singapore. Mangroves in the Chik Jawa wetlands attract many birdwatchers and ornithologists because of their large numbers of birds, including kingfishers and Bulbul.

Pulau Ubin, also known as granite island, offers visitors an insight into the origins and history of the island nation of Singapore. If you want to travel to a tourist place in Singapore that has a close relationship with nature, Pulau Obin should be on your itinerary. Adorned with rich flora and fauna, including the famous Shek Jawa wetland, this island is a secluded atlassia condo place to retreat and spend some quality time with family or friends. Despite its name, Arab Street is actually an area that covers many of the streets that make up Singapore’s largest Muslim neighborhood. Packed with trendy boutiques and international restaurants, Arab Street is fast becoming one of the best artistic and creative neighborhoods in Singapore.

The Super tree structure provides the most impressive view of the airway. Lazarus Island is said to be Singapore’s Best-Kept Secret, located south of mainland Singapore. Also known as Pulau sakigang pilipah, the island is connected by a footbridge connected to St. John’s island. The island is the perfect sandy spot and the best place to sunbathe, surrounded by stunning surroundings. The island beach is perfect for swimming and all cat lovers will have a great time. It is one of the perfect tourist attractions in Singapore for all those looking to get away from their busy urban life.