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The Lower New River is one of the most popular pieces for rafting as it has a comfortable mix of long and quiet water baths as well as Class IV rapids. Many intermediate rays like this stretch of river because you are excited by intense recovery over time. From so many legendary rivers it river rafting ocoee Tennessee is difficult to choose Oregon’s top destination. However, the Rogue River in the mountains in the southwest of Siskiyou remains a true classic. Swim spots, iconic rapids, rugged landscapes, wildlife, historic farms and more make Rogue a treat for river corridors of all ages and abilities.

After flowing through a wide glacier valley, surrounded by peaks reaching 14,000 feet in the sky, this river is immersed in a 1000 foot deep gorge. Rafting on the Arkansas River is a great way to enjoy the dramatic scenery Colorado is known for. Among the fast sections, this 17-mile stretch of river has quieter pools, allowing you to float and swim part of the journey.

The Pacuare River winds through the virgin jungle in the Cabecar Indian Reserve. The upper, upper and lower parts, the three parts of the river that are most often ruffled, vary in difficulty. The 16-mile stretch called Upper has rapids from Class II to IV, while the more technical upper, a 10-mile stretch of white water with waterfalls, ports and class IV and V rapids, is mostly used in kayaks.

The river area has some fantastic tourist companies that provide you with great rafting packages consisting of equipment, guides and a suitable travel card. So to experience the most heartbreaking rapids in the US, you have to visit this place once. The Arkansas River runs between the Colorado and Arkansas rivers and is a well-deserved destination for rafting. Many companies have set up a suitable tourist company on site and offer you a wide range of tour and rafting packages that also range from a half day package to a 15 day package. The river is surrounded by the extremely beautiful white mountains of the Colorado, which in turn will make your rafting trip even more exciting and exciting.

In the Cetina River you pass caves and waterfalls as you raffle along green coasts. A rafting trip through Neretva starts just below one of the highest waterfalls in Europe. The Zambezi River is considered one of the 10 best rivers in the world for wildlife enthusiasts.

Here are eight of the best whitewater rafting destinations in the world that guarantee they will provide souvenirs for a lifetime. Easily one of the most important rafting destinations in Europe, fed by the molten glaciers of the Brenta Dolomites, the Noce River produces class III-V rapids all summer long. Impressive views of distant cliffs and snowy peaks abound, as the river thunders through the Mostizzolo gorges and through the remote Val di Sole . Perhaps the most famous river trip in the Northern Hemisphere, a rafting trip in the Grand Canyon is something you should do for anyone who wants to speak big. It is the great classic and reference point for all rivers that claim to be large. Not to mention, in the spring and early summer, Cataract Canyon’s infamous Big Drops are arguably some of the biggest rapids in North America.