The Best Makeup Artists Give Their Beauty Advice To Women Over 50

Placement depends on the shape of your eyes, so play with what you think looks best. Then take your black pencil and draw a line from the point that connects to your tab. Then start at the inner corner and connect to the wing and complete any empty spaces. To add dimension to eyes with big eyes, Qunyh likes to use pencil liners and counts Make Up For Ever’s Aqua Resist colored pencil liners as his favorite, but says permanent eyeliner makeup lining placement is the most important thing. “I recommend applying it to the line of the inner lips and blurring it in the middle of the eye. It will help create the illusion that you are bringing your eyes closer, “she says. By aligning the line of the upper inner tabs with a dark color, depth and intensity are also added to this type of eye, adds Lori Taylor Davis, Global Artist Pro Lead at Smashbox Cosmetics.

The lid has a attached wing insole to create the perfect cat eye, ”she says. If you want to try a color eyelet, look no further than Urban Decay’s 24/7 eyepotheds. The truth is, you never know if you will get your investment back until you take it home and try it yourself. To make the whole experience less risky, we turn to experts who know one or two things about the eyeliners doing the job.

Fortunately, the eyeshadow isn’t as intimidating as it sounds, and it can completely change your beauty routine. This Maybelline lining has a unique, angled tip that “embraces the lash line for an elegant and precise cat eye,” said Zdunowski-Rother, adding that he can control the thickness of the line while applying by adding pressure. The only advice Tanno kept repeating, regardless of the look he showed?

“The combination of black and brown coatings provides a more natural make-up look when it stains on the lash line.” “This microfine gel pencil has the stamina of the next level,” said Glamsquad makeup artist and art director Kelli J. Bartlett. “I originally tested the mechanical gel lining of hourglass 1.5 MM on my hand and it lasted through a workout and shower, so you know it means business. I like to use it on the inner edge of the upper lash line to create a luscious look while holding watery eyes.” Hung Vanngo, which counts Selena Gomez and Jennifer Lawrence as its main customers, always has this liquid coating in its kit. The expert recommends that you first slide an eye primer and then ‘discover the shape with a black pencil.”The final hand is” completing the lines by looking with Marc Beauty’s Magic Marc’er “for a long and completely waterproof effect.

“Adjust your favorite liquid lipstick or cream and let it work for at least 10 minutes,” said Ashburn-McKissock. Then use a round wet cotton to ‘remove’ it and then apply your favorite lip balm for a hydrated and colored appearance.” Everyone’s eyes are different, which means that everyone’s eyeliner must also be drawn a little differently. First discover the shape of your eyes and then learn the best eyeliner to use and the right way to apply it to make your eyes stand out.

Like the screamo bands I loved and my taste for men, my preference for the eyeliner has evolved: I started to venture into pencil, but today I only use felt-tip pens. It’s the only type of formula and applicator that doesn’t stain or stain my semi-monolids or leave me dark rings under my eyes like a sad panda. “With masks that hide half of our faces, it’s a great opportunity to play with color and playful design, especially since many of us have printed masks.