8 Luxury Travel Tips For The Smart Traveler

Another budget option near Waikki Beach is Holiday Inn Express Waikiki. The hotel offers panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean, the Koolau Mountains and the Waikiki skyline, plus a swimming pool with private cabanas. Be sure to visit the skydeck on the 5th floor with a 9-hole miniature golf course, shuffleboard, giant chess, table tennis and table football.

Renting a luxury, fully serviced five-bedroom ski chalet is actually cheaper than staying in average hotels and a much better experience. As for affordable luxury travel, this is one of the best ways to tap into your budget and enrich your experience. Here are some of our smart tips on creating affordable luxury travel for the ultimate getaway experience.

This will not always prove cheaper than low-cost airlines, especially for long-haul flights. But in certain situations it is good to check whether a 1000% more luxury will only cost you a little more. Luxury travel is more than Michelin stars and concierge services. Here you’ll find guides designed to help you see more and do more to make your travel experiences richer and more rewarding. As can often be seen in the case of Airbnbs, people end up getting a much better deal while renting rather than buying it, regardless of the length of their trip. Systematic and thorough research is the key to a successful itinerary.

When I visited Patagonia, the online price for day trips to Torres Del Paine National Park started at $250 and went up from there. However, when I checked into my hotel, I was asked if I wanted to purchase the recommended hotel package, which offered the same itinerary, link, and guide for the equivalent of $67. Similarly, at the UNESCO site in the Danube Delta, which is only accessible via boat trips, a tourist only had to head to the port in the morning to choose from a dizzying array of excursion options luxe reis peru on the same day. If you can pack up a portable office and work as a digital nomad on the go, luxury travel becomes even more accessible to all budgets by making money while traveling. For example, ski cabins have shoulder seasons just before and after big snowfall weeks, and many warm destinations can have shoulder seasons in late fall and late winter, around peak trips around Christmas. No matter what time of year you plan your trip, it’s definitely shoulder season in some regions of the world.

If you work for a travel company or destination and are looking for suitable luxury travel tips to help the savvy traveler or place a banner ad on this page, please contact Terry for more information. For in-depth luxury travel tips and guides, check out our How to Guide Travel Guides or read our book, The Luxury Traveller’s Handbook, Liberating Luxury for the Smart Traveller, . When booking hotels online, look for the best prices on the websites of travel agencies. Prices on hotel sites are usually “rack rates” and rarely offer the best value.

If you can’t afford a full-time stay at an exclusive hotel with a spa, it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the amenities. Opt for cheaper accommodations, but book a skin treatment or a whirlpool in the most expensive place. This is much cheaper than staying at the resort and is a delightful way to treat yourself to a little luxury. Even the most popular destinations can be more affordable at remote times of the year. If you can make your trip at a less popular time of year, you can save a lot of money. During school periods, winter can often be cheaper depending on where you’re going.

Similarly, if you have specific insects, check them out on TripAdvisor before you book. Choosing to stay in one place, simply because of the low prices, does not equate to a luxury experience and can be a total waste of your hard-earned winner! Similarly, we managed to avoid paying for the “high-end luxury” which was NOT so luxurious when we had looked at all the reviews online.