Depo Provera Detox – Fixing Past Mistakes

Even though Depo Provera is still being marketed and prescribed to millions of women, many of those have used to and began experiencing its undesirable Slot Depo 20rb side effects have immediately stopped their injections, only to find that doing so does not rid their bodies of all traces of the synthetic progestin. Some effects of that progestin, in fact, have not been reversible.

Depo Provera Detox Diet

So if you are someone who has received Depo Provera injections and want to minimize their damage on your body, you need to undergo Depo Provera detox to flush the remaining residue or the shots from your system. Depo Provera detox is a simple process, but one remarkably effective in reducing the injection’s unpleasant side effects.

The Depo Provera detox diet will have you drinking plenty of purified water, and eating organically grown raw fruits vegetables or drinking freshly squeezed juices made from them, along with herbal teas formulated to cleanse your system. You’ll be encouraged to get plenty of exercise, in the fresh air if possible, and to relax in regular sauna session as your body is restored to health.

Depot Provera Detox and Adrenal Therapy

But if you are currently following an adrenal strengthening regimen, you should avoid a Depo Provera Detox until you are past the early phases. You can also consider either acupressure or acupuncture therapy for their adrenal boosting effects, and never treat the depo provera detox as the perfect answer to your health issues, but as one of several beneficial therapies.

If you received Depo Provera injections for an extended period, you wile benefit from a more intensive detoxification program. This is necessary because your body will have accumulated higher concentrations of toxic residue compared to those who stopped their Depo Provera injections after receiving only one or two.

Learning From Experience

It’s unfortunate that when human beings try to artificially alter the ways in which Mother Nature intended their bodies to function, they can create serious health problems for themselves. The problems caused by Depo Provera injections are simply one example of man-made health catastrophes, so any time you hear of any kind of miraculous new synthetic medication you should be very careful about investigating it fully.

Even better, wait a significant time before even considering it, to see if reports of negative side effects begin to surface. What appears at first to be the answer to your health concerns may, in the long run, cause you many more problems than it solved!






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