Restaurant kitchen equipment

A restaurant must contain all the necessary 餐廳廚房設備 which help the chef to cook efficiently. Choosing the necessary equipment will be a tedious job because it requires a lot of effort to sort them out. Based on the nature of the restaurant and the food prepared the equipment should be chosen. Restaurant kitchen equipment should be chosen in such a way that they reduce the time for making the food so that it can be delivered to the customer without any delay.

Ranges and ovens are at the top of the list of restaurant kitchen equipment. They are very important as they make the raw material into cooked food. They number of ranges should be decided based on the capacity of the kitchen.

Ranges with newer technology will be very helpful as they can make quality food. Burners, griddle, char boilers etc can be added to the list based on the menu. Ovens are used to heat the food whenever needed. Hot food can be served to the customers without any delay. A steam table can also be used so as to keep food hot.

Pots and pans are needed in every restaurant irrespective of the food they prepare. The size of the pots and pans can be selected based on the menu. Grilled pans can be used if the restaurant is preparing sea foods. The capacity of the pots varies between restaurants. Pasta cookers, braziers, cast iron cookers and steamers can be bought as per requirement.

Utensils of different sizes can be used so as to serve food according to the content. Spoons can be used wherever necessary. Cutleries, zesters, peelers, spatulas graters can also be provided so as to make the customers comfortable while eating.

Similar to ovens, refrigerators are also vital for a restaurant. It is necessary to serve cold food and beverages with good chillness. Foods which are not cold may leave the customers unsatisfied. So, suitable cold storage equipment is very important as well.

With the advancement in technology over the years, sophisticated commercial kitchen equipment that are loaded with many features can be gotten for a reasonable price. Before you allow yourself to be dazzled by the range and choices available, it is important to have a good grasp regarding the economic fundamentals. Let me explain.

In the restaurant or catering business, we need to monitor our cash flow and profits carefully. So, whatever payments need to be made, we want to make sure that there is enough demand and cash coming in to pay for the new piece of commercial kitchen equipment.

This does not mean to be overly conservative and stay away from the latest features and any cutting edge ideas. What is recommended is to be thorough on the research, and make a choice based on a multi-faceted variety of factors, ranging from the financing to the marketing, features desired and potential market demand.

Below are 4 tips when considering commercial kitchen equipment:

1. Restaurant kitchen equipment that will use time efficiently to produce the maximum amount of food. A lot of equipment these days have been designed with features that will save a lot of time in food production. When doing your research, look out for those features and evaluate if how they will make a meaningful difference to your food serving abilities.

2. Consider commercial cooking equipment that includes infrared spectrum technology. Infrared technology is being adopted widely for their efficiency in cooking great tasting food. It’s especially good for fast broiling. This is something that top restaurants have been using and provides fast cooking without sacrificing the taste of food.

3. Choose equipment with water saving features. Every commercial kitchen uses a lot of water, whether it is for cooking or for cleaning. A 10% to 20% usage savings could represent major dollar savings every month. By picking the right equipment from the beginning, you can save a lot of money and headaches down the road.

4. When it comes to cleaning, appliances that offer water saving features along with self-cleaning modes are wonderful. Not only will you save on the water bill each month, you can save both time and money because you do not have to hire extra workers to do the cleaning.

No matter how good you and your staff are in your restaurant kitchen and on the floor, but do you really know the significance of restaurant kitchen supply? Your staff’s customer service and your administrative skills may be impeccable, but what happens if your equipment suddenly stops working? You’ll be unable to do your tasks.

Gas ranges, gas or electrical ovens, fryers with thermostats, wood or gas grills, and smallwares like soup cups, tongs and shakers are the basics you’ll need. But if you want something better for your business you’ll need superior equipment. This article will show you the steps you can take to your goals.

Seek Out the Best Supplier

Before purchasing restaurant kitchen supply, search for the correct supplier. The supplier you choose to work with should be able to offer you with services to fix broken equipment, cost estimates, and more than just basic kitchen necessities. Your supplier should also be able to offer you with recommendations on additional equipment for your kind of restaurant, how to sustain your kitchen and how to reduce costs during operations.

Always attempt to get the best deals when discussing with a supplier. For instance you can inquire about discount packages or free additional equipment. Furthermore, ask your supplier to write you a guarantee whenever getting recycled restaurant kitchen supply. Also, confirm the warranty you’re going to obtain from buying the latest equipment.

Build a trustworthy relationship with your supplier. Once you are able to trust your supplier and vice-versa, he or she might be able to offer you added services and benefits. In the end, your supplier would be happy to help your business grow.

Purchase Good-quality Equipment

It’s always a good idea to make comparisons between both the costs and quality of restaurant kitchen supply. A piece of equipment might be extremely inexpensive, but if it easily breaks you may be paying more for repairs. Furthermore, your kitchen staff will be attempting to make the equipment work the whole time instead of delivering meals. Sturdy restaurant kitchen supply will improve the efficiency of your kitchen.

Get Handy Equipment

You will save more time when training new staff if your equipment is handy enough to use with ease. Technology may be sophisticated but it can be complex. Get restaurant kitchen supply that has one button instead of 3. This will save your staff a lot of trouble. Less-complicated equipment is also simpler to replace.

Purchase Multi-tasking Equipment

Fast equipment reduces training time. If your staff is having trouble with equipment, performance on the floor becomes delayed. Get fast-working restaurant kitchen supply that is more efficient.

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