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What Is Customer Engagement?

By keeping customers engaged throughout their buying process, brands can improve business metrics such as revenue, CSAT, customer retention, etc. Customer insights further improve sales processes by providing outreach messages and launch pads with relevant data. A customer engagement strategy is the documented process by which every customer contact team within your company connects with […]

How Can Telcos Improve The VASS Customer Experience?

Failure to provide a high-quality customer experience will result in customers switching to an alternative supplier if their customer journey is not satisfactory. Customers often post their negative experiences on different social media channels. Maintaining controls in such cases is more important to a brand today than ever. In the case of telecommunications, these complaints […]

The 8 Best Customer Service Programs For Small Businesses

It allows companies to better compete in an economic environment that is constantly changing in response to technological developments. A well-founded management of the digital transformation offers companies the opportunity to access operational and productivity advantages. It is now up to brands to meet customer expectations if they want to attract and retain loyal customers. […]

Tips For Managing Customer Feedback

It contains a detailed description of the progress of the leads during their buyer trips and helps marketing specialists and sales managers to manage their efforts more effectively. The process of listening to customer feedback and customer service representative feedback is important, but measures are more important. This will help improve customer loyalty, but it […]