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The Role Of Age And Business Coaching In The Relationship Of The Lean Startup Approach And The Innovative Work Behaviour Of Female Entrepreneurs During COVID-19

Once the company has investors, coaches and mentors may be reluctant to continue helping, as this provides an advantage to others who are not involved in being magnanimous but have expectations of financial gain. One strategy that has been used to solve this is to provide a small capital grant to the people who helped […]

Safer Sex During Covid

Safe sex means that you do not let your partner’s sperm or vaginal fluids get into your vagina, anus, penis or mouth. It also means avoiding genital skin-to-skin contact, because some STDs spread only. Safe sex also means being careful if you have cuts, ulcers or bleeding from your gums; These can increase the risk […]

Food To Avoid During Pregnancy

Fruits and vegetables can be infected with harmful bacteria, including toxoplasm. It is important to wash all fruits and vegetables thoroughly with plenty of clean water. Limit the caffeine intake to less than 200 mg per day, which is about 2 to 3 cups of coffee. High caffeine intake during pregnancy can limit baby growth […]

5 Tips To Hit Your Model During A Photo Shoot

Most of the timer camera settings automatically take 3 photos. The best time to take your photos is outside on a cloudy day. If you take pictures inside, use natural light sources if you can. Stay by a bright window or in a brightly lit room. Press the ISO up first: Generally ISO 800 to […]