Tips for Choosing a Senior Care Agency

Seniors who choose to hire an independent senior care company or caregiver to handle their needs may benefit from a plan of care. A plan for senior care will help the caregiver ensure a regular schedule and include all the necessary tasks for aging in a healthy way.

What information should an elderly care plan contain?

A senior care plan must contain a list of seniors’ medical conditions, prescriptions as well as medical doctors, pharmacies, and other service providers.

What daily activities should be being monitored?

All activities of daily Living must be documented along with the time meals are served and when medication is taken, and any other mental and physical activities along with other job obligations for the caregiver. The list should contain the following:

Diet: Food prepared and meals eaten for lunch, breakfast, and dinner, intake of fluids (number of glasses of drink)

Health & Hygiene: Transfers from bed to chair, showers, bathroom visits dressing in hair, grooming skincare, nail care and dental care, exercise routine

Daily Routine and Vital Signs: Timing of wake-up, time for napping, bedtime blood pressure, weight, and doctor’s appointments

Exercises and mental activities: Walks and exercises or a physical therapy routine reading magazines, newspapers, and books, playing mental exercises games

Domestic Cleaning Bathroom, kitchen laundry change bed linens sorting mail, sweeping floors clean rooms, dusting clean, do errands, sweep as well as pet care

Seniors are also advised to ask their physicians if they have any specific activities they’d want to keep track of to gauge the effects of medication or the manifestations of their medical ailments. By keeping track of daily routines including sleep time as well as meals and exercises doctors can more accurately gauge the impact of medications and the development of memory loss or physical abilities. This may lead to better diagnosis and slowing down the progression of age-related diseases.

It is a good idea to keep a journal for your everyday activities. It is possible to create a notebook to contain all the care plan notebooks and take them to appointments with the doctor. The care plan can serve as a useful resource to medical professionals in the event of ever an emergency.The Manhattan In home care for seniors usually will provide an overall plan of care for their clients, as means of training, monitor and manage both the caregiver as well as the care. One of the benefits of hiring a reputable senior home care provider is the assurance of a complete professional care plan, along with the active management of caregivers. A good senior care agency can also hire caregivers as its employees. This offers additional security in the form of worker’s compensation insurance and professional liability insurance as well as payroll taxes, to ensure the elderly and their family members do not need to worry about caregiver concerns. In addition, caregivers receive support and education, along with benefits, since caring for seniors is often emotionally demanding and can be physically exhausting. The best agencies will offer care for the caregiver program to ensure that quality caregivers are able to continue to excel in their care.






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